4 Responses to “re:Create at Kalien 2017 is SOLD OUT”

  1. Randy,

    I registered 4 of us for ReCreate Kalien 2017. I didn’t see a place on the mobile site to put the names.

    Connie Millberg
    Bob Johnson
    Stacie Caldwell
    Sue Leffin

    Very excited about it!

  2. Randy and Gina
    Just registered another.
    Dorothy Hussey.
    We hope it was still open.
    Love you both.

  3. Randy, Gina-

    I have registered for recreate 2017. I did not know where to list my name.

    Thank you,

    Martina McGowan

  4. Martina,

    We have you registered. Thanks so much. We missed you this year! Hope you are well.

    Randy & Gina

PO Box 140302 Nashville, TN 37214
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